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On my craft cave door! #crafty #christmas

On my craft cave door! #crafty #christmas

Handmade Wedding Invitation Ornament

I saw this on pinterest when I first signed up & knew it would be one of the first projects I tackled… especially since I had a handful of extra wedding invitations still sitting in my craft room :)


Our wedding colors were brown & pink so I added some extra pieces of brown paper for some contrast.  Our tree has mostly silver accents (star & garland) so I used a white/silver ribbon.  I still think I could have thrown in some extra filler but I liked that you are able to see the main details how it is now.  Also, the kind of matte paper my invites were made out of made it nearly impossible to make defined curls with! So I just did what I could without bending the paper.

CoffeeCole Craft Completed: 1/2012.